About Us

Growing up in the 80ties and 90ties, we have wittnessed both the later years of vinyl records as main music publishing media, their decline in the wake of the Compact Disc, as well as the obliteration of the music industries‘ mainstream business model by free digital distribution, downloads and streaming today. Rooted in Punkrock, we are proud of the many dots connecting, playing in bands, touring, writing, and publishing musicat that time and of getting to know a lot of great people, and among them many vinyl record enthusiasts. With multiple books already written and many memories saved, we shall not endulge here, but to make it clear, vinyl records have and always will be a very important part of our lives, making what we are doing at SoulPeddler a very personal purpose of ours. We offer the full range from finished sound recording to sealed box ready for customer shipment. This includes preparing mastercuts and stampers, printed materials for A and B labels and record covers, as well as the actual manufacturing of the records. Ultimately, we will hand number, customize and seal your sales kit according to your requirements.
Some recent titles – go and grab some!
Depending on your desired quantity and depth of artwork/packaging we will provide a recommendation on the right balance to make best use of your available budget.


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